Arno Coenen, Artist in distribution, Netherlands, 1972

Arno Coenen was born in 1972 in Deventer, The Netherlands and currently lives and works in Klaaswaal, The Netherlands. He graduated from Minerva, Groningen, in 1997 and obtained an MFA in computer graphics from Media-GN, Groningen in 1998. He has had a number of solo shows in the Netherlands and his work has been shown in group exhibitions and screenings in Russia, Korea, the USA and throughout Europe. He has given workshops in various venues including the Centre Pompidou in Paris and has received commissions to create several works. Coenen uses digital animation set to electronic music to make works whose style mimics computer games. The videos show fragmented narratives in fast-moving fantasy landscapes, and are often violent and sexually explicit. Using text, vaguely autobiographical elements, and recognizable icons from consumer culture, Coenen sets up a tension between the artificial, self-contained world of the 'video game' and elements from the actual context of its production. Coenen's works are very critical towards consumerism, and at times make highly ironic commentaries on the way that political issues are packaged for consumption by the mass media.