Lydia Schouten, Artist in distribution, Netherlands, 1948

Lydia Schouten was born in 1948 in Leiden, the Netherlands, and now lives and works in Amsterdam. Between 1967 and 1971 she studied in The Hague, at the Free Academy of Visual Arts, and continued her studies at the sculpture department of the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, from 1971 to 1978. For two subsequent years (1981 and 1982) she was awarded with the Maaskant Award of the city of Rotterdam, which included a grand that she used to cover her expenses during a working-period in New York. From 1978 onwards, Schouten's work can be divided into three periods: an exploration of performance art from 1978 to 1981; a period of work in video from 1981 to 1988; and since then, an ongoing interest in installation, often combining video, sound and photographic components. In all three periods certain thematic elements are apparent at Schouten's work. Femininity, isolation and the relation of mass media with sex and pornography are a few of the most frequent ones.