Michael Bielicky, Artist in distribution, Czechoslovakia, 1954

Michael Bielicky was born in 1954 in Prague, then Czechoslovakia, and now lives and works in Prague as well as in Dusseldorf. He studied at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf from 1984-1987 and worked as an assistant of Nam June Paik from 1987-1989. His work has been exhibited in Europe, East Asia, and Latin America. In 1991 he founded the Department for New Media at the Art Academy in Prague, where he currently holds position as a professor. Originally a photographer, Bielicky started to work in video in 1984. Since the 1990s, his work also includes installation and performance. In his video projects, Bielicky makes use of various methods such as image-processed video techniques, split screen montages and computer manipulation, raising questions about the relation between reality and simulation. Some of early the videos centre on images and narratives drawn from the history of Jewish mysticism and place them in the context of contemporary information technology, questioning the implications that technology has for people's spiritual and cultural self-perception.