Movement From Either Direction (short version)
Nan Hoover, 1995, 6'26''

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There is a sound of a ticking clock, there is a pale blue background which is being dwarfed. The shadow disappears and is followed by a volume, a part of Hoover’s figure. Gradually her stature, from shoulder to hip, can be discerned. Slowly her hand disengages itself from the body. Her position changes from frontal to profile, the shape withdraws from the screen. This movement, executed from right to left, is a movement from within, the direction of which being at the same time determined and not-determined. A movement that toys with the unsteady equilibrium between abstraction and bodily presence, between the flat and the spatial plane.

  • Date: 1995
  • Length: 6'26''
  • Type: Video
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA
  • Genre: conceptual
  • Keywords: body, movement, perception