Amsterdamned II
Pieter Baan Müller, 1994

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Amsterdamned II is the surprising inofficial sequel to Amsterdamned, the action film by Dutch director Dick Maas. It is a spatial arrangement of nine monitors, placed on high pedestals. What is happening on the screens is a veritable chase around the canals of Amsterdam, accompanied by the terrifying noise of screaming sirens, shrieking brakes and roaring engines. Müller filmed the action as if seen through the windscreen of a moving car. The viewer feels as seen he/she were the person being pursued. A specially designed piece of equipment transmits the images to the various monitors. In this way, the chase, sound included, can be followed constantly on a different monitor, while at that moment the other monitors are blank or showing the abstraction of a blueflashing light. Consequently, the image shoots from one place in space to the next, so that the effect of dynamics and spatiality becomes really tangible. Cars and traffic more often play a role in Müller's work, as a highly contemporary theme serving as a source of the necessary drama, as in road movies. [This installation is featured on the DVD series "Installations 1975-2006" (2007).] Read more...

  • Date: 1994
  • Type: Installation
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA
  • Keywords: installation - multi-channel video installation, deconstruction, film (subject), metropole, movement, urban space