De Auto in Mijn Leven als Vogel
Pieter Baan Müller, 1986, 6'23''

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On a small piece of paper, the artist draws a little woman reminding a simplified version of a prehistoric venus figure. The sound of birds can be heard. The artist places a hard-boiled egg above the drawing of the woman so that the oval form of the egg almost completely covers her primitive contour. The archetypes of the woman and the egg imply a story for the cycle of life. Gradually the bird sounds are replaced by the sound of a car starting up. A car, of which only one wheel is shown, drives across the paper and the egg. The artist sweeps up the pieces of the smashed egg and folds them in the piece of paper, all the while imitating the sound of a car. When he removes the piece of paper, a blue toy car emerges, a Beetle. Pieter Baan Müller walks barefoot aross a sheet of paper. His footprints are black. He lets the toy car drive around his footprints, while he is imitating car sounds. Finally it ends up in one of the shoes standing at the end of track. A change in the perspective – a large sheet of paper has been attached to the wall. A real size blue car in profile has been painted on it. The artist is standing next to the car. Then he jumps. The sound of a car starting up can be heard. Each time the engine misfires, the artist remains suspended in the air. Then he disappears from the screen, leaving the car behind. In a painted decor, the Beetle is driving along the road through the forest full of singing birds. Then it crashes into a tree. Next the camera reveals images shot in the open air: a bird is circling in the clouds, while in the background we hear the sound of a bird's whistle. This sequence is repeated several times. The statement is clear – life and death are part of a cyclic process.


  • Date: 1986
  • Length: 6'23''
  • Type: Video
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA
  • Genre: performance (artwork genre)
  • Keywords: death, life, everyday life, painting (subject)