Over de Binnenkant van Mijn Hoofd
Pieter Baan Müller, 1986

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In the three-channel installation About the interior of my head (Over de binnenkant van mijn hoofd) Pieter Baan Müller depicts the processes that take place inside his head. Three monitors – of which the outer two are smaller than the middle one - are placed next to each other on a table. The monitor in the middle displays the main lines of the story, while the outer two support the story line by showing additional images. In seven short chapters Pieter Baan Müller shows us small, humorous tableaux that refer to the inner workings of his brain.
1.In The Thought (of a woman) Müller explores the possibilities of articulating a thought, by smearing toothpaste on a mirror and looking at a picture of a naked woman.
2.In The Choice (of a woman) Müller uses
measuring tape and two drawings of women: how banal are choices with regards to people...
3.The Madness (about a woman) shows how women, and especially unattainable ones, drive Pieter Baan Müller mad. After kissing the picture of a beautiful woman, his world – literally - gets turned upside down.
4.The Idea expresses the process of getting an idea. On the left monitor we see Müller with three objects dangling on strings above his head. The middle monitors displays the title of the chapter and on the right monitor we see several objects passing by, pulled forward by little strings. When an object comes by, Müller says “euh”. When one of the objects corresponds with the three objects above his head, he yells “hee!?” With The Idea Müller expresses the problematic connection between what's inside your head and what you see.
5.The Erroneous Idea shows a barking plant on the middle monitor. Müller asks us, in a humorous way, whether a barking plant is a plant or a dog?
6.The chapter Forgetting/Remembering deals with these two processes by using the everyday example of losing one's house keys.
7.The Problem deals with the tackling of problems. In this chapter we see three checkerboards of which the one on the middle monitor is being worked upon by Müller, using a mixer, an electric drill and a photograph of himself. The problem presented in this chapter does not get solved.

Netherlands Media Art Institute, Selina Schepers

  • Date: 1986
  • Type: Installation
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA
  • Genre: portrait, self-portrait
  • Keywords: installation - multi-channel video installation, artist, everyday life, humour, perception, representation, collage, drawing