Labyrinth of Lines
Stansfield / Hooykaas, 1978, 16'18''

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The water in a lake is never completely still. It may be ruffled by the wind, and twigs that fall into the water make ever expanding circles on the surface. Lines in the water. How many veins, or lines, there are in the leaf of a tree or plant is not even visible to the naked eye. And even if they are visible though a microscope, it still remains difficult to unravel a distinct structure. This labyrinth of lines inspired Stansfield and Hooykaas to make the work in question. After the first images of the soothing circles in the water comes the microcosmic representation of the leaves. Slowly the close-up of the labyrinth of lines passes by the eye of the camera, as with a microscope whose ball of lenses glides past the test object that lies between the sheets o glass. Now and then a double image appears through the veins of the leaf, that of the branches of a tree, dancing in the breeze. The images are accompanied by mysterious, rather monotonous music. The video ends with the image with which it began: still water with circles appearing on the surface. Read more...

  • Date: 1978
  • Length: 16'18''
  • Type: Video
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA
  • Genre: abstraction, conceptual
  • Keywords: image, nature, perception, representation, video (subject)