Stansfield / Hooykaas, 1979, 12'05''

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The fundamentals of visual art are seeing, looking and observing. The artist's perception extracts meaning from what is perceived. 'Transitions' opens with an image that evokes the transient nature of water. The lens is fixed on the ever changing water surface, while the resonance of what sounds like heavy breathing accompanies the images. A palm of a hand with its indented lines is superimposed on the images of water. The camera then moves diagonally from water to land, the transition shows boats and moving cars. 'Transitions' is actually a sequel to 'Tidal Flow', concerned with the transparency of water and volume shifts between high and low tides. The natural transitions in the form of water rippling are equated to the transitions happening ashore, both bing equated in turn with the transitions that are configured by the medium video. In the past, the work has been shown as part of an installation, also including four monitors, two colour slides, four colour xerox copies with text and a steel cable, which was stretched through the space, connecting two speakers with each other.

Netherlands Media Art Institute, Stefan Aquilina

  • Date: 1979
  • Length: 12'05''
  • Type: Video
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA
  • Genre: conceptual
  • Keywords: movement, perception, time