Vanishing Point
Stansfield / Hooykaas, 1993, 19'58''

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'We had protected settlements before, to protect us from wild animals, poisonous plants and other dangers. Now the situation is reversed.' Such are the portentous words that introduce us to 'Vanishing Point'. Unsullied, 'wild' nature is a thing of the past... lost forever, having been subjected to mankind's manipulation and structured development. The human urge to conquer and control its environment invariably involves destruction on the grand scale. So it is that animals are now being kept in zoos, wildlife parks and reserves, as rare museum pieces and collector's items. Here they are thus parked to assuage our feelings of guilt and pander to our ambiguous and nostalgic hankering for authenticity. The cynical and paradoxical upshot is that both animal and plnt have been put there for us, for protection against us... In 'Vanishing Point' Hooykaas & Stansfield use a number of 'vanishing points' as metaphors for the disappearance of the natural world. To this end they filmed in natural history museums and nature reserves in Norway, France and Canada. The music, based on 'primal' human- and animal sounds, was specially created for 'Vanishing Point' by Justin Bennet. Read more...

  • Date: 1993
  • Length: 19'58''
  • Type: Video
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA
  • Genre: discourse / essay
  • Keywords: culture, environment/ecology, history, perception