INTERNSHIP OPENING | Digital Art Distribution Project Research Intern

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** DEADLINE EXTENDED: Please send your CV and a cover letter to no later than Wednesday, February 13. Interviews will be conducted the week of February 18. **

In January 2019 LIMA is embarking on an exciting new research project about the current state of digital art distribution. As the “Digital Art Distribution Project Research Intern” you will have your own individual project within this wider project, in which you will lay the research groundwork for LIMA’s wider investigation into these models that seeks to investigate the field for inspiring examples, raise the profile of the importance of distribution, and assess and innovate LIMA’s own practices. 

For your project, you will be in charge of mapping the current state of digital art distribution and investigating, analysing and assessing the current distribution models being used for video art, complex installations, internet art and live performance on an international level. You will conduct extensive research into the various current digital art distribution models used by different arts organisations, online platforms (such as VOD) and industries or businesses that can be learned from (e.g. online music distribution platforms). An investigation of these models includes not only an analysis of their basic (technological) modes of distribution but also the financial business models attached.

Not only will your impeccable desk research skills be required, but you’ll also be developing and conducting interviews with different players in the field to understand their methods of digital art distribution: what works, what doesn’t work, what can be improved, and what we can learn from their experiences, etc. 

The results of your research will take the shape of a kind of research paper (exact format to be decided on in conversation with LIMA from your recommendation) in which you map the current state of the field of digital art distribution and through your analysis and synthesis of these models, offer key learnings from the research. Your research project will be published on LIMA’s website and shared with its network through various channels.

You will work with and be supervised by project coordinator Rachel Somers Miles and also work with LIMA’s head of distribution Theus Zwakhals. 

Ideal start date: February 2019 for 6 months @ 3 days/week 
You are not required to be on site at LIMA for all days.

Who should apply: Students or recent graduates of programmes that focus on Arts & Administration or Arts & Commerce.

Deadline Extended: Please send your CV and a cover letter to no later than Wednesday, February 13. Interviews will be conducted the week of February 18. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Rachel before sending in your application material. 

About LIMA:
Founded by experts from the former NIMk, LIMA is the international platform for sustainable access to media art. With knowledge and passion for both art and technology, these experts are insuring that video, digital and performance artworks can and will be presented now and in the future. Through (online) distribution of our own collection, we keep abreast of technical issues and advances. With our storage and digitisation services we are additionally able to provide support to museums, galleries and individual artists. LIMA is based in Amsterdam.