Come have a look, and let yourself be surprised by THE LIMA COLLECTION. With a mix of old and recent work, guest curators will give a thematic inside within the history of media art.

  • Artists Talking Back To The Media

    Still relevant after thirty years: LIMA researches, revisits and presents Artists Talking Back To The Media 1985 - 2015

    Events, workshops, exhibitions and more coming up in 2016!

  • The first LIMA production: 'For Preview Only' by Jonas Lund

    The LIMA collection is an amalgamation of a selection of media artworks and installations from the late sixties up to the present day. After years of selecting existing works, LIMA now for the first time asked an artist to create a new work of art based on this rich historical collection. LIMA is thrilled to announce that Jonas Lund was the first to accept the challenge. 


    On sunday 24 January 2016, LIMA and FIBER Festival presented a selection of works from the LIMA collection at the SPEKTRUM, a space for art and technology in Berlin. The selection was mainly focused on medium specific practices throughout the years. The visually striking works with often intense soundtracks from the seventies and eighties are a source of inspiration for contemporary artists operating in the field of art, performance and technology. At the same time, the selection of works pointed out the hybridity of media art, often intermingled with cinema and performance. Please have a look at the selection of works here.

  • Transformation Digital Art - International symposium on the preservation of born-digital art

    Digital artworks form a separate group in museum collections. Museums and visitors do not have much experience in dealing with these artworks. Management, preservation and presentation of it is largely unknown territory, while museums and artists need knowledge about this vulnerable digital part of modern heritage. How can they keep digital born artworks accessible in the future?


LIMA manages an extensive collection of media art that we would like to make available to a large audience. Works on video, installations and websites are being seen at exhibitions and festivals thanks to our active distribution of the collection.


The storage, archiving and preservation of media art present some challenges that require a medium specific approach. LIMA is among the global pioneers in the field. We are committed to the preservation of media art and are constantly updating transitioning towards the most current techniques and technologies.

Preservation: Storage

Does your institution house a collection of digital or analogue works of media art? LIMA can preserve and sustain these works. Our conservation specialists store your born-digital material and ensure it can be exhibited now and in the future.


Media art struggles to stay ahead of obsolescence. Every day some bits of knowledge disappear and equipment and formats become obsolete. LIMA is continuously investigating new methods for the preservation and distribution of media art. In doing so, LIMA fulfills a key role in the field on both a national and international level.

About LIMA

Founded by experts from the former NIMk, LIMA is the international platform for sustainable access to media art. With knowledge and passion for both art and technology, these experts are insuring that video, digital and performance artworks can and will be presented now and in the future. Through (online) distribution of our own collection, we keep abreast of technical issues and advances. With our storage and digitisation services we are additionally able to provide support to museums, galleries and individual artists.


  • 19/10/2016Catalogue
    We are very proud to announce the launch of the second commissioned artwork by LIMA. With the LIMA collection as point of departure, artist Jan Robert Leegte made a browser-based artwork with data taken from the LIMA website. Jan Robert Leegte has...Read more
  • Telc - The Vasulkas, 1974
    29/11/2016 to 01/12/2016Research
    Workshop by Joost Rekveld Sensory Augmentation and Obstruction As part of UNFOLD, organised by LIMA & Sonic Acts 29 November – 1 December 2016 in Amsterdam Click here for more infoRead more
  • 28/09/2016Catalogue
    What's the Story? Curator and Arthistorian Sacha Bronwasser selected some hidden treasures from the LIMA collection with the theme 'cinema'. Bronwasser explores the power of storytelling in media art - a quality originally subscribed to cinema...Read more
  • 01/08/2016 to 14/08/2016General
    Summer has arrived and LIMA will too have a little summer break. From August 1st until August 14th the LIMA office will be closed. Contact with individual staff will be possible through email but is limited. From Monday 15th of August we are back at...Read more
  • 14/09/2016Research
    The second expert meeting and public event within the framework of UNFOLD will take place on September 14th 2016. More details on the exact programme will follow soon on the LIMA website and Facebook page.Read more
  • In opdracht van het Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed (NDE) werkprogramma Houdbaar, onderzoekt LIMA in 2015 en 2016 de Cd-rom archivering voor kunstwerken. Mede hiermee neemt LIMA deel aan de te ontwikkelen samenhangende en sectoroverstijgende infrastructuur...Read more


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