Cultural Matter: Petra Cortright - opening event (Pt.I)

LIMA is proud to present the last edition of the Cultural Matter series after the summer break with American artist Petra Cortright. More information on the events, the exhibition, the artist and the speakers will follow soon. Keep an eye on the LIMA Facebook for more Cultural Matter announcements and updates. ...


LIMA in the Ballroom

On this screening night three works from the LIMA ...
30/07/2018 to 19/08/2018

LIMA summer break

While summer is in full swing in Amsterdam, we find ourselves reaming of soft sea breezes and rippling waves moving back and forth over the sand, just like in the Stansfield / Hooykaas video Flying Time (Beach) from 1982. LIMA will have a short summer break from Monday the 30th of July until August 19. During this period the office will be closed. 

LIMA wishes you a wonderful summer!


Performances, books and screens

Performances, books and screens. Wednesday, July 4, 6.30 PM. perform doc​ in conversation with Gaby Wijers (LIMA), Gabriella Giannachi, Katja Kwastek, Annet Dekker, and Nell Donkers.

The Digital Mass Ornament: Artist talk and film screening Natalie Bookchin

The Digital Mass Ornament:



On Tuesday the 19th of June, Van Abbemuseum, Frans Hals Museum, the Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and LIMA will launch the online catalogue, a digital catalogue that unites the media art collections from the participating...


Cultural Matter: Constant Dullaart & Geert Lovink (Pt.II)

Cultural Matter: Constant Dullaart in conversation with Geert Lovink (Pt.II)
Wednesday, June 13, 9 PM



LIMA Presents. Non-Linear: Drastically Advanced Regression


LIMA Presents. Mind the Gap

Is the filmic space a place of isolation or contact? Loneliness or communication? In the 70s, art historian Rosalind E. Krauss famously argued that the medium of video art is characterised by an ‘aesthetic of narcissism’, a psychological situation where one “withdraws...


LIMA at Jungle Amsterdam: Variscoop #3

In collaboration with John Prop (stichting Polderlicht) LIMA presents Variscoop #3; the second third of the tree Variscoop evenings filled with video- and sound art from artists working and/or living in The Netherlands. Minimal animation, digital image manipulations, color...



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