Antonin De Bemels, Artist in distribution, Belgium, 1975

Antonin De Bemels was born in 1975 in Brussels and studied in the Visual Communication and Narration section of the ERG (Ecole de Récherche Graphique). His work has been shown throughout the world and has received various prizes. He frequently collaborates with musicians, and many of his works fall under a category that he refers to as 'non-commercial music videos'. Formally, De Bemels' works rely heavily on various editing techniques ranging from direct manipulation of super-8 film to 'scrubbing,' a digital technique that can be described as the visual equivalent of audio scratching. The images De Bemels edits are of bodies or body parts, found objects and various natural or architectural settings, often lit in ways that are reminiscent of caravaggesque painting. The footage is edited into sped-up, rhythmic patterns whose pace is set in time with the soundtrack. This technique alienates everyday objects and actions by arresting and abstracting them, highlighting the processes of sensory perception through which the embodied subject gains knowledge of the material world.