Save the Date! Transformation Digital Art 2018

22/03/2018 to 23/03/2018
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In the context of the new LIMA project Art Host, the symposium ‘Transformation Digital Art 2018’ will take place at LIMA. International participants from an array of professional backgrounds ask what strategies can be developed in order to take artworks of an inherently digital, performative and processual nature into the future. Sharing best practices, research and cases studies concerning both artist-led and institutional strategies geared towards the future presentation of born-digital and software based art. We are pleased to announce the participation of, among others, Luise Cone (Conservator National Gallery of Denmark), Jan Robert Leegte (Artist), Martine Neddam (Artist), and Karen Archey (Curator of Contemporary art for time-based media, Stedelijk Museum). We are excited to announce Constant Dullaart (Artist) as keynote speaker.

More names and details to be announced soon! Keep an eye on our website and attend the event on Facebook to stay up to date.

Looking forward to your participation.

The symposium is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL

(Image: Waving Ocean, Constant Dullaart 2010)


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