UNFOLD #4 Conclusions

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A private expert-meeting will take place on february 7, 2017 to reflect and draw conclusions.
After the fruitful network meetings and expertmeeting, where we discussed the conceptual framework and the implications of reinterpretation, we believe it is now crucial to use this last meeting to collect all the questions and answers, look at the practice of reinterpretation through Joost Rekveld's results, agree with the next steps and write a collective end report.
One important goal of this last meeting is the configuration of a collective document that will be used as a conclusion of this year and an invitation for the next one to come. 
Joost Rekveld - Detailed explanation about the practical process of reinterpreting
Gabriella Giannachi - At the edge of the ‘living present’: re-enactments and reinterpretations as strategies for the preservation of performance and new media arts"
Jon Ippolito - On Reinterpretation
Lara Garcia Diaz and Christian Sancto - Presentation End Report
Conclusions. What is next?


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