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LIMA is Nederlands belangrijkste platform voor mediakunst, met een eigen collectie die wereldwijd vertoond wordt. We zetten ons in voor videokunst, digitale kunst en performancekunst door middel van distributie, onderzoek en conservering. Lima werkt internationaal samen met gerenommeerde musea, makers, podia en universiteiten. ...Read more

Old CineSonic collaborators (LIMA) join forces with new ones (Studio K) for what promises to be a live show to remember!

Top-notch Dutch techno DJ and producer Albert van Abbe will play his musical interpretation of three artist videos from the LIMA media art platform's archive. 
The videos are the creation of three highly regarded contemporary international video artists - Broersen & Lukács, Sebastian Diaz Morales and Seoungho...Read more


Within the framework of the exhibition "Liquid Cooled: new works by Emile Zile", LIMA organises a public screening and discussion night. The artist Emile Zile and art historian and critic Sven Lütticken will talk about Zile's work within the context of the LIMA Collection - ranging from early gems from the seventies (Douglas Davis, Dan Graham) to Zile's current body of work. Performance on television and social media and the performativity of these mass media will be recurrent themes Think...Read more

Dutch TV show De Kennis van Nu dedicated an item to the conservation of contemporary art with a focus on media art. LIMA director Gaby Wijers was interviewed and they visited the exhibition 'Geert Mul Matchmaker - 25 Years Media Art' to film the research and documentation LIMA is doing in collaboration with artist...Read more


The 46th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam starts January 25, 2017. 
Like every year, LIMA and its artists are well represented at the festival.
This year, a special work premieres: '#67' by Joost Rekveld, commissioned by LIMA .
As a tribute to 'Reminiscence', and 'Telc' by...Read more
LIMA Amsterdam office
Are you an art preservation student, art history student, media student or communication student who loves to gain work experience in the cultural sector? Then we are looking for you. 
LIMA is the international platform for the sustainable access to media art. Our projects involve the preservation, distribution and research of media art. For the upcoming period LIMA has two internship spots available. One internship spot revolves...Read more
Digital artworks increasingly find their way into public collections. Museums, collections and archives find themselves confronted with the questions and challenges related to presenting and preserving digital art to a greater and more pressing extent. Technological environments are constantly in flux. Born-digital artworks adapt or perish. Still, collections do not have much experience in dealing with these types of artworks; artists and producers do, but
...Read more

Saturday November 5th the first solo exhibition of the prominent media artist Geert Mul opened at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. This exhibition is the starting point for the collaborative research project between Mul and LIMA called ‘Future Proof’; Pieces from Mul’s current exhibition will function as case study for the development of a protocol for Mul and other media artists in order to enable them to preserve their own oeuvre of digital-born art. We are excited about finding the best way...Read more


LIMA produced an online web documentary in which Rozendaal talks about the 103 websites he made from 2001 to 2016 in order to be able to preserve these websites in the right way for the future. The individual aspects of each work were recorded during a browsing session with Rozendaal in which he explains the creative process as well as the intended working of each piece. The online web documentary can be found here. ...Read more

Flyer Artists Talking Back to the Media
George Barker, Sanneke Huisman10/11/2016Research

The LIMA team has landed in Colombia to conduct a series of workshops, presentations and exhibitions in Cali and Bogotá taking place from 9th - 18th November. Sanneke Huisman (LIMA), George Barker (LIMA), Nell Donkers (de Appel) and the artists Raul Marroquin and Douwe Dijkstra are participating in the project alongside Ivan Tovar and Natalia Castillo Overdugo who have facilitated the operations on a local level in Colombia. From the extensive archive located at LIMA and de Appel...Read more



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