LIMA is proud to present, an online catalogue bringing together the media art collections of Frans Hals Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Van Abbemuseum, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and LIMA. These institutes joined forces and worked collectively on this project for three years. As a result, the complete media art collections of these institutes are accessible online. The media artworks hosted on are available for research, knowledge exchange, sustainable storage and presentation. The catalogue is now open for users worldwide.

Steun Digitaal Talent

LIMA is het platform voor digitale kunst gevestigd in Amsterdam. Wij geven mediakunstenaars ruim baan en ondersteunen hen wereldwijd in de presentatie en promotie van hun werk. Jaarlijks selecteren wij het werk van beloftevolle kunstenaars. Zowel jonge als ervaren makers worden door LIMA ondersteund in het maken van een volgende stap: van het internationaal vertonen van het werk tot professionele begeleiding bij de productie van nieuw werk. Uw steun helpt ons dit mogelijk te maken.

Cultural Matter

Digital technologies have become an omnipresent part of our reality. They shape the way we think, talk and ultimately live our lives. It’s hard to think of something that has not been affected by digital technologies. Systematically everything touched by human existence is being digitised, by the means of production and documentation on one side, and through communication and monitoring on the other. Artists play an important role in this process.


Middels het programma Viewpoints werden in 2016 kunstenaars die door LIMA worden ondersteund in contact gebracht met curatoren en experts om kennis over praktische aspecten van de presentatie en distributiepraktijk van mediakunst te ontwikkelen.

THE LIMA COLLECTION 2016 - screening programme

Media art is characterised by its hybridity. It takes elements from, and is related to a broad variety of disciplines. How do artists deal with their medium, how do they tell a story, how do they present themselves and how do they look at world that surrounds them? This screening series presents all the richness of media art within THE LIMA COLLECTION. Guest curators make a selection of works that focuses on one of these recurrent questions within media art.

The collection as a work of art: LIMA's commissioned works

Sanneke Huisman

The LIMA collection is an amalgamation of a selection of media artworks and installations from the late sixties up to the present day. After years of selecting existing works, LIMA now asks artists to create a new work of art based on this rich historical collection. The collection as a work of art.

On this page we keep you informed about the work that has and will be done by invited artists. See list of commissioned works on the right.

Capturing a Moment: Where net art and performance meet

LIMA and the Stedelijk Museum recently presented the forum event, featuring a performance and talks, titled "Capturing a Moment: Where net art and performance meet". During this event Annet Dekker (independent curator/researcher), Gabriella Giannachi (University of Exeter), and Vivian van Saaze (Maastricht University) addressed the issues surrounding the documentation and preservation of ephemeral artworks, such as net art, performance, and live art.

Distribution partner CineSonic audio visual concerts

Established in 2007, CineSonic is a project of Stichting Film en Media Festival Amsterdam that aims at combining silent feature films, experimental shorts and video-art compilations with cutting edge music producers. Since 2012 |CINE|SONIC| collaborates with LIMA and with the Paris based art film label Lowave at a new series of events dedicated to live video art presentations.


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