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Media art  is a relatively recent phenomenon within the extensive history of art. Video, performance registrations and digital art have become important disciplines – we cannot imagine the art world without them. The work of both pioneers of the sixties, and emerging talent is presented at film and media art festivals and museums echibitions. However, the old and new generation are rarely shown in addition to, or in relation to each other. And that's remarkable. Because even if their use of the camera and computer and their imagination seem to be original and independent, contemporary media artists are part of rich traditions. But what are these traditions? How can old and new be linked?

In thematically structured evenings, four guest curators present the LIMA collection - and the past and present of media art. Watch the programmes of Bart Rutten, Frederique Bergholtz & Susan Gibb, 'Talking Back to the Media' and Juha van 't Zelfde here:

#1 Cinema Revisited

#2 Performance

#3 Activism

#4 Medium Specificity