Workshop II Disk Imaging and the Preservation of Software-Based Artworks: A Practical Introduction

Wiel Seuskens (LIMA)
Tom Ensom (Digital Conservator)

The workshop Disk Imaging introduced the principles of disk imaging and their use in the conservation of software-based artworks. Disk imaging is the process of creating and manipulating disk images. Disk images are files which encapsulate the contents of a digital storage medium and can be manipulated in place of it. Disk images can stand in for the original media as surrogates for access: mount, analyse, clone etc, often easier to share storage media as a digital file e.g. via internet. All this can be done without having to compromise the original media.

By end of the workshop, participants had gained the knowledge required to; identify suitable methods, approaches and tools for disk imaging different kinds of storage media and to verify the validity and usability of acquired disk images, including how you might proceed with emulation.