UNFOLD #3 Reinterpreting the Digital + Workshop presentation by Joost Rekveld


UNFOLD #3: Reinterpreting the digital + Workshop presentation by Joost Rekveld

LIMA is pleased to announce the third public event within the framework of UNFOLD on December 1st, continuing with the research line mediation by reinterpretation. How to revisit digital and media artworks over time? This evening programme will concentrate on the consequences that are brought about when using the mode of mediation as an act of reinterpretation specifically in digital- and media artworks....

Telc - The Vasulkas, 1974
29/11/2016 to 01/12/2016

Workshop by Joost Rekveld - Sensory Augmentation and Obstruction


Workshop by Joost Rekveld
Sensory Augmentation and Obstruction
As part of UNFOLD, organised by LIMA & Sonic Acts
29 November – 1 December 2016 in Amsterdam

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In the realm of media- and digital art every medium is different, and every medium has its own medium specific qualities. Artists not only work with the given aspects, but also question their medium and reflect on these specific aspects.

This evening, artist Martijn van Boven is the curator of the programme on medium specificity. He dove into the LIMA collection with the question ‘How can an audiovisual signal become visible? Van Boven is interested in the analogue signal but...

26/10/2016 to 28/10/2016

Computer Art Congress [ CAC.5 ] – MSH Paris Nord.


LIMA will present recent research on the archivinging, emulation and documentation of CD-ROM artworks at the Computer Art Congress, MSH Paris Nord. The three day congress includes keynote speakers Bernard Stiegler and Lev Manovich.




We are very proud to announce the launch of the second commissioned artwork by LIMA. With the LIMA collection as point of departure, artist Jan Robert Leegte made a browser-based artwork with data taken from the LIMA website.

Jan Robert Leegte has invited Constant Dullaart to discuss with him the position of Performance Art within the browser-based context. Departing from canonical performance art works from art history they...




What's the Story?
Curator and Arthistorian Sacha Bronwasser selected some hidden treasures from the LIMA collection with the theme 'cinema'. Bronwasser explores the power of storytelling in media art - a quality originally subscribed to cinema.

Works that will be screened are by, among others, Raul Marroquin, Keren Cytter, Broersen & Lukács, Rä di Martino, Nicolas Provost and Kaweh Modiri.

Raul Marroquin and Persijn Broersen & Margit...


UNFOLD #2 Reinterpretation as Creative Act


UNFOLD #2 Reinterpretation as Creative Act

After the first fruitful UNFOLD-event on the 6th of June 2016, the second public UNFOLD programme will revolve around discourses on liveness, embodiment and memory in performance, new media and digital art within institutional contexts. We will turn around key concepts such as presence, agency and embodiment to investigate conventional strategies by which society preserves and redisplays cultural artifacts created with media formats. All...

01/08/2016 to 14/08/2016

Summer break


Summer has arrived and LIMA will too have a little summer break. From August 1st until August 14th the LIMA office will be closed. Contact with individual staff will be possible through email but is limited.

From Monday 15th of August we are back at the office to serve you the finest of media art, help you preserve precious works and distribute media art around the world.  

LIMA wishes you a wonderful summer!



Doe ik het goed? Kennisdag Digitale Duurzaamheid - NCDD

In opdracht van het Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed (NDE) werkprogramma Houdbaar, onderzoekt LIMA in 2015 en 2016 de Cd-rom archivering voor kunstwerken. Mede hiermee neemt LIMA deel aan de te ontwikkelen samenhangende en sectoroverstijgende infrastructuur voor born-digital erfgoed. Tijdens de Kennisdag Digitale Duurzaamheid, georganiseerd door de NCDD, presenteert LIMA emulatieprocedures voor cd-rom-...


UNFOLD #1 Mediation by Reinterpretation

LIMA presents the kick off of

UNFOLD: Mediation and Remediation of media art, re­enactment and reinterpretation.

LIMA is researching new methods for the documentation, transmission and preservation of media art, digital art and performances. This new one-year research project is a collaborative, international research network that together will be examining re-interpretation as emerging practice for conserving of media artworks.

We are happy to...