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Welcome to LIMA’s online catalogue. Here you will find over fifty years of media art and over three thousand works by more than five hundred national and international artists. LIMA distributes narrative and medium-specific works and performance registrations from emerging artists like Melanie Bonajo, Broersen & Lukács, Julika Rudelius, Giovanni Giaretta and Zeno van den Broek to pioneers like Marina Abramovic, The Vasulkas, UBERMORGEN, Nan Hoover, Livinus van der Bundt and Ulises Carrión.

LIMA’s collection is open for research and is constantly consulted by large numbers of students, journalists, researchers, programmers and curators from the Netherlands and abroad. The collection, online catalog and archive are a crucial source for the (future) history of (Dutch) media art.

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Night Soil - Economy of Love (2015), Melanie Bonajo

Night Soil - Economy of Love portrays a Brooklyn-based movement of female sex workers who regard their work as a way for women to reclaim power in a male-dominated pleasure zone, their mission being to rearrange sexual conventions and ideas about intimacy itself. Vivid imagery is accompanied by a spoken score, revealing Bonajo's vision of contemporary spirituality and expectations surrounding gender roles by playful, sensual, and feminist-driven means. Power to the female body!

Telc (1974), The Vasulkas, video, 5'14''

In "Telc", the Scan Processor is used to transform portapak images from a trip to a town in Southern Bohemia. Like faded memories, images of the landscape and people are sculpted and abstracted, as the energy of the image is translated into electronic scan lines. The recorded sound remains unaltered. The Scan Processor was created by Steve Rutt and Bill Etra, and the Colouriser by Eric Siegel.

Establishing Eden (2016), Broersen & Lukács

In Establishing Eden, Broersen & Lukács focus on the establishing shot: the moment a landscape is identified and becomes one of the main protagonists in a film. In blockbusters like 'Avatar' (James Cameron, 2009) and the film series 'Lord of the Rings' (Peter Jackson, 2001-2014), these shots have been used to capture and confiscate the nature of New Zealand, propagating itself as a new Eden, evergreen and unspoilt. Here, fiction takes over reality: mountains and forests exist under the name of their cinematic alter-ego’s.