belit sag, Artist in distribution, Turkey, 1980

short bio

making videos,
based in Amsterdam, often in Turkey,
currently in Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, finishing soon, not so keen on being defined as an artist, have a mixed practice, studied mathematics in Turkey, and art in The Netherlands.

My video background is rooted in alternative video-activist/artist groups in Ankara and Istanbul, where i co-initiated groups such as VideA (video collective) and Karahaber (video-activist atelier – ) and produced video works individually and in collaboration with other video-makers, artists, activists.. My work has been exhibited in many international exhibitions and festivals including EYE Film Institute + International Rotterdam Film Festival (The Netherlands); Salt + Tutun Deposu + Damascus Visual Arts Festival (Turkey); DMZDocs Documentary Film Festival (Korea); Chinese European Art Center CEAC (China); Leipzig Ladyfest + videobits screenings (Germany); Art Lacuna Film Festival (UK).

‘Violence of images’ can be taken as an over-arching theme and interest especially in my video work. Most of my works deal with media representation and visibility. In my works, i often try to find ways to deal with larger political issues and topics in a personal way, to make them more accessible for me and for others.


The overarching themes in belit sag’s recent work are the ‘violence of images’ and ‘images of violence’. Most of her works revolve around the role of images in the media and issues of representation and visibility. sag tries to address larger political issues in a personal way, making them accessible to a broad public and playing with their proximity to daily life.

belit sag is a videomaker based in Amsterdam. She studied mathematics in Turkey, art in the Netherlands, and recently completed a residency at Rijksakademie. Her video background is rooted in alternative video-activist and artist groups in Ankara and Istanbul, where she co-initiated projects such as VideA, Karahaber and sag’s work has been exhibited in international art spaces and festivals including EYE Film Institute and the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Salt, DEPO and the Visual Arts Festival Damascus, Turkey; DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, South Korea; Chinese European Art Center, China and Art Lacuna Film Festival, United Kingdom.