Charlemagne Palestine, Artist in distribution, United States, 1945

Charlemagne Palestine (Charles Martin) was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1945. He studied at New York University, Columbia University, Mannes College of Music, and the California Institute of the Arts. Palestine is a minimalist composer, performer, and visual artist. He has been writing music since the 1970s and is most well-known for his minimalist piano compositions of layered electronic drones and hypnotic rhythms. In the late 70s, he mostly gave up his career in music to pursue the visual arts. As a musician and a video artist, he is interested in revealing the inner workings of the self to his audience through intense, ritualistic sound and motion. His performances draw on sacred ceremonial traditions from cultures around the world, rendering Palestine as a shaman-like figure as he confronts the primal, emotional and psychological states of his audience.