Dan Graham, Artist in distribution, USA, 1942

Dan Graham was born in Urbana, Illinois, USA in 1942. He currently lives and works in New York. His career in the art world began in 1964 when he moved to the New York and opened the John Daniels Gallery. Graham began using film and video to create his own work in the 1970s. He incorporates mirrors, windows, surveillance cameras, and video projectors in his multi-media installations in order to investigate the acts of seeing and being seen. His multi-disciplinary work actively engages the viewer through manipulating and displacing his or her perception. Through this engagement, Graham enquires about the relationships between artist and audience, subjectivity and objectivity, public and private. Another current that runs through Graham's work is the examination of the changing relationship of the individual in society through the filters of architecture, popular music, video and television. In addition to his work in the visual arts field, he is an art critic and theorist.