Elodie Pong, Artist in distribution, Switzerland, 1966

Elodie Pong (born in 1966 in Boston, USA) is a Swiss artist and filmmaker known for her subtle, analytic works, often built as cycles or in series, which focus on human relationships, cultural codes and their impact on contemporary society. Until 2004, her projects, installations and video works mainly focused on immediate visualisation of sociological structures such as intimacy, friendship, issues of gender and communication. Her more recent films can be read as multi-layered analysis and deconstruction of these very themes, where the viewer becomes part of the constellation by being offered different readings according to which the works are brought together. In several cases, she portrays the reality of a generation that has lost the belief in fixed structures and identities, of people who emerged from the experience of a post-punt, post-feminist, post-everything era. In her earlier work, the individualism and the freedom to choose in any aspect of culture, politics, gender and sexuality, seemed to be a celebrated achievement; gradually, however, her newer series of videos start to question this. What are the guidelines in such a complex, personalised view of the world, society, art and the individual? Are there still any at all? And what are the consequences for the individual?
Elodie Pong has received several awards and grants; her work is exhibited in group and solo exhibitions worldwide. She lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.