Florian Krepcik, Artist in distribution, Austria, 1988

Florian Krepcik (1988, Vienna, Austria) is a film composer and researcher of cinema. His starting point is his love of cinema - the contemplation of our existence through the world of the canvas in the dark. His films do not follow conventional film principle. The compositions are arranged by the differences in film principles. He often used those of feature films, documentaries and interdisciplinary formats such as video games, video clips and Youtube. Of every principle he unravels the cinematic meaning which he freely reorganises in the field of cinema. As a result of this leveling, the principles are not only disclosed but at the same manipulated and enriched. This manipulation often leads to philosophical issues, as in his film "Is it real love? Of course not "- a film which juggles with variable film principles within the aesthetic context of a video game. A film that turns out to be alternately a video, documentary or feature film - but also video game. Florian Krepcik created a poetic reflection on what we thought we knew. Finding the meaning in his movie is transferred to the viewer. What arises is an independent cinema world of which the alienating gaming environment captivates, and the familiar use of film principles surprises.

In 2013, Florian Krepcik graduated from the St. Joost Den Bosch and also won the Tent Academy Award, the yearly prize for the best video work from art academies in the Netherlands.