Gabor Bódy, Artist in distribution, Hungary, 1946

Gábor Bódy was born in 1946 in Budapest, Hungary, and died there in 1985. He studied philosophy and philology from 1964-1971 and film and television direction from 1971-1975. His works have been widely exhibited throughout Europe and elsewhere. In 1973 he became co-founder of the K3 experimental group at Béla-Balázs Studio in Budapest, the goal of which was to encourage experimental art practice in the context of life under a communist government. During the early 1980's, he was a lecturer at the Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie in Berlin, and did an artist-in-residence programme in Vancouver, Canada. Bódy created videos using a number of different formal styles and techniques, ranging from highly narrative works that employ a cinematic visual vocabulary to non-linear montages of bodies, images and abstract shapes. Concepts and authors drawn from his education in philosophy were clearly influential on his video art. Fantasy was a recurring theme in Bódy's work, both in terms of erotic fantasy and with respect to the way people create meaning through fantasy identifications with past historical figures and events.