Hans Breder, Artist in distribution, Germany, 1935

Hans Breder was born in Herford, Germany, in 1935, and studied painting with Willem Grimm at the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste in Hamburg, Germany, from 1960-1964. In 1968 he founded the Intermedia and Video Art Program at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. His art has been shown in Europe, Australia, Japan and the USA, and there are numerous publications dealing with his work. Like many artists who began working in video in the 1980s, Breder's pieces make use of clips taken from media sources such as TV melodrama and advertising. However, instead of focusing directly on a critique of the way the media manipulates information and encourages consumerism, Breder creates montages accompanied by music that are highly dramatic, following an emotional trajectory that transcends the specific narratives of his sources. Formally, the colour in the videos is often manipulated to create different effects, ranging from videos with unnaturally deep, saturated colours to works in which the screen is almost monochrome, creating the impression of a three-dimensional relief.