Jeffrey Shaw, Artist, Australia, 1944

Jeffrey Shaw was born in 1944 in Melbourne, Australia, and currently lives and works in Karlsruhe, Germany. He acquired his first degree in architecture and art history in the University of Melbourne, where he studied from 1962-1964. He then continued studying sculpture at Milan's Brera Academy and at St Martin's School of Art in London, where he stayed from1965-1966. Shaw has realized numerous installations that challenge conventional concepts of space. His early experiences with performance and multimedia experiments inspired him to do research about various concepts of virtual reality. Shaw has updated the strategies of immersion into virtual space (including anamorphosis, perspective, trompe l'oeil-effects and panoramic rotunda) by using new technologies. A central theme in his work is the relationship between reality and simulation, as well as imagination and experience. Apart from his international recognition as an artist, Jeffrey Shaw is also regarded as one of the key international researchers in the field of interactive digital cinema. He currently is a professor for Media Art at the University of Art and Media, Karlsruhe and the foundation Director for the Research Institute for Visual Media at ZKM, Centre for Art and Media Technology.