Miguel-Ángel Cárdenas, Artist in distribution, Colombia, 1934

Miguel-Ángel Cárdenas was born in 1934 in Espinal, Colombia, and has been living in the Netherlands since 1962. He studied architecture at the National University in Bogota, Colombia, from 1952-1953 and visual art at the Bogota Academy of Fine Art in 1955-1957. He has taught at various art schools including the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and the AKI, Enschede. His work has been frequently supported by grants from the Dutch government and exhibited in solo and group shows in The Netherlands, Columbia, the USA and elsewhere. Cárdenas created a large and varied body of video work that explores many themes including sexuality, desire and his own Latin American heritage. His videos range in approach from the greyscale real-time style typical of early 1970's recorded performances to elaborate narratives and montages that make use of more advanced editing techniques. Cárdenas' works often involve elements of campy humor, including frequent parodies of the serious, masochistic attitude that some performance artists have towards their bodies. Formally and conceptually, Cárdenas' videos sometimes employ figures of duality which contrast or duplicate one another.