Nol de Koning, Artist in distribution, Netherlands, 1944

Nol de Koning was born in 1944 in Amsterdam where he currently lives and works. Between 1967 and 1972 De Koning studied at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten. The following years after his graduation from the academy (1972 to 1980) he worked mainly as a printmaker. Koning began his career as an artist with mainly paintings that involved the seven circles of hell from Dante's 'Inferno', the region where those guilty of violence, dissipation, fanaticism and usury undergo their punishment. The themes of these paintings were to influence his later work starting with a cycle of video installations titled 'Terra Morale' in 1987. Along with painting Nol de Koning employs music, sound and contemporary television material in his work. The form and content of his installations as a whole are inspired by classical literature or mythology and frequently refer to landscapes and elements of nature. A series of abstract paintings for his video installation 'Bulicame' (1986), as well as the three monitor piece 'Palinuro' (1989) are probably the most notable prove of that, as both pieces contain ambient sounds accompanied by images of water deriving from a natural spring in the first case and the constant view of the ocean in the second. Nol de Koning believes that video as a medium enables him to visualize his themes both literally and allegorically in the best way possible.