Pieter Baan Müller, Artist in distribution, Netherlands, 1957

Pieter Baan Müller was born in Zwolle, Netherlands, in 1957 and currently lives in Enschede. He studied at AKI Enschede from 1981-1986 and still teaches there in the Media department. His works have been exhibited throughout the world. Painting plays an important role in Baan Müller's videos, often in the form of cartoon-like, non-illusionistic environments that are created by the artist in front of the camera. His videos also employ scenes filmed by the artist, images of 'natural' settings such as the ocean and moving flat shapes of colour, edited together in a way that undermines the notion of art as capable of mimetically representing 'reality.' Baan Müller uses these various types of images to create quasi-narrative works with humorous undertones. Conceptually, the videos' stories mainly focus on issues of the relationship between individual expression, freedom, and how the exterior world is depicted in various types of artistic representation.