Ulises Carrión, Artist in distribution, Mexico, 1941 - 1989

Ulises Carrión was born in St. Andres Tuxtla, Mexico, in 1941 and died in 1989. He studied philosophy and literature in Mexico City, Paris and Leeds, and lived in Amsterdam from 1970 until the end of his life. His art has been exhibited in various locations in The Netherlands, Mexico and elsewhere. Carriónwas the author of several books and in 1975 founded Other Books and So, a distribution centre for artists' publications and multiples. Carrion arrived at visual art practice through his interest in print culture and media, which led him to engage with mail art and eventually performance, film and video. He was closely involved with the In-Out Center, an alternative Amsterdam gallery which drew artists of diverse cultural backgrounds, whose work in some way commented on Dutch art and society from their own cultural perspective. The continuation of his engagement with literary formats can be seen in the videos' examinations of the strategies and devices used to create narrative structure in a film, story or artwork.