India Time
Ken Feingold, 1987, 46'13''

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In India Time, a part of The Distance of The Outsider series, we watch lengthy shots of Indians at work, either on the land or in the city. Feingold attempts to record their natural tempo and rhythm. Hence he does not allow either the camera or the editing to interfere with, speed up or manipulate this process. By letting himself be guided by this culture's pace (which differs so radically from our own hectic world) he looks at everyday life in India with far more patience than the average tourist whose vision is fleeting and who is constantly searching for new impressions. Partly because Feingold makes no effort to extract some specific message from these recordings of Indian culture, his images acquire a universal and almost archaic dimension.

  • Date: 1987
  • Length: 46'13''
  • Type: Video
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA
  • Genre: (experimental) documentary (artwork genre), fiction (artwork genre)
  • Keywords: culture, third world/non-western culture, travel, tourism