Lost Souls
Marina Abramovic, 1997, 33'20''

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Originally part of the installation 'Spirit House' (Abramovic 1997), 'Lost Souls' is currently part of Abramovic's 'Video Portrait Gallery'. The single-channel work shows the artist, who slowly, very slowly, covers her eyes with her hands. Her action is actually so slow that, in the beginning, the viewer might even notice her hands moving. While covering her eyes, the light starts to change, too, both in intensity and direction, until, in the end, Abramovic is nothing more than a silhouette, as it were. Being devoid of violent actions and theatrical attributes, the performance takes its only sense of drama from the play of light, which places at different times different body parts in the foreground. Like an old-fashioned raree-show, an experience of depth i achieved by the illumination of different parts of the exhibited scenery. The video is also part of the 16-channel installation 'Video Portrait Gallery' (Abramovic 1975-2002). Read more...

  • Date: 1997
  • Length: 33'20''
  • Type: Video
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA
  • Genre: body art, portrait
  • Keywords: body, light