The House With the Ocean View - Day 3
Marina Abramovic, 2002

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For 12 days in November 2002, Marina Abramovic lived on three open platforms in the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York. She did not eat or speak, nor did have any privacy: the rooms were open and spectators were even invited to observe the artist through a high-powered telescope. She was seen in her daily routine, from sleeping and showering to using the toilet. She had no escape: the ladders leaning against bedroom, sitting room and bathroom had rungs made of large butcher knives.

House with Ocean View Text:
Conditions for Living Installation: Artist
Duration of the piece: 12 Days
Food: No food
Water: Large quantity of pure mineral water
Talking: No talking
Singing: possible but unpredictable
Writing: No writing
Reading: No reading
Sleeping: 7 hours
Standing: Unlimited
Sitting: Unlimited
Lying: Unlimited
Shower: 3 times a day

Conditions for Living Installation: Public
Use telescope
Remain silent
Establish energy dialogue with the artist

The clothes for The House with the Ocean View were inspired by Alexander Rodchenko. The
color of the clothes were selected in accordance with the principles of the Hindu Vedic square.
The boots are the ones I used to walk the Great Wall of China in 1987

1 bottle of pure almond oil
1 bottle of rose water
1 bar of soap without perfume
1 wooden comb
12 thin cotton towels
12 cotton underwear
12 white cotton t-shirts
7 cotton trousers
7 cotton shirts

  • Date: 2002
  • Type: Video
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