Anthology TV Hot-TV Cold
Susan Russel, 1978, 9'31''

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Wearing a brightly coloured aerobic outfit, Russel is standing in front of an equally conspicuous wall full of slogans on the mass media. While beating out a rhythm on a tambourine, she is dancing and rapping the following text:
'TV hot, TV cold, TV in the air 40 years old. Some like it hot and some like it cold, some like it on the spot and not too old. Little bit of shock, little bit of blood, nothing does the trick better than the media flood. Sugar and spice and everything slick, that’s what network channels are made of. Sticks and bones, you’re on your own, heading to the media sky alone. Ring around the cable, pocket full of flavor, hoopla, hoopla, reach sky high. Susan, Susan, the lawyer’s daughter, reach into your pocket and pull out reality. Re
lity, what could that be? A mighty wallet or personal fee. Saying the right words to somebody. So, TV, TV, strike it bold. Don’t live out there in the cold. We ain’t society child...we’re the hot honeys from media wild.'
In the next scene, Russel is pondering over what is the most important in life: money or love. Her face is filmed in close-up, and a voice-over is recounting her thoughts. The two inner voices fail to come to a conclusion. The tape ends with an act in which Russel has chosen the form of stand-up comedy to admonish someone. Here, sound and image are not synchronous.

  • Date: 1978
  • Length: 9'31''
  • Type: Video
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA
  • Genre: television art (artwork genre)
  • Keywords: mass media, modern life