Morir d'amore
Urs Lüthi, 1974, 9'35''

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This video is a part of the exhibition “The desert is across the street” held at de Appel in 1975. “Morir d’amore” was demonstrated together with the video “Self-portrait”.
In the beginning of the video the camera focuses on Luthi’s face. He flashes his face with light from above and turns his head right and left as he does that.
Then the screen is vertically parted in two. Luthi and Kilga both look at the camera. He continues to flash his face. She smokes, her face is calm. Then she raises a gun and points it towards the camera. After she shoots Luthi falls, and his part of the screen remains dark. Kilga continues smoking until the light gradually fades out and her part eventually becomes dark as well.

  • Date: 1974
  • Length: 9'35''
  • Type: Video
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA