Willoughby Sharp, 1974, 19'50''

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A house is filmed from the bushes. The camera slowly approaches the building, from which screams come. A man's voice screams 'break, break, break, gonna break here, gotta break from here, gonna break out of here, gotta get out of here'. The camera enters the house. In the corner of the empty room, Sharp is chained to the floor, sitting on a mirror with leaves and two large sticks on it. Like a man possessed he moves back and forth, moaning, sighing and screaming, he seems to be stripped of all human civilization. He uses the sticks to pry the chain from his ankles and hammers the chain out of the wall, leaving only his wrists chained together. Finally he wipes the mirror on which he is sitting and smashes it with the chain. The performance resembles the artistSharp's estranged relationship to the world around him, which forces him into a straitjacket. In this performance, Sharp escapes this by unleashing his aggression and frustration on the chains to which he is attached. The unpredictable behavior of the chained artist and the literal escape from the straitjacket of Western society make this tape, which is simple in design, very explosive and penetrating in character. Read more...

  • Date: 1974
  • Length: 19'50''
  • Type: Video
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA