Cable Arts Presents: Russ Connor in Conversation with The Vasulkas
The Vasulkas, 1978, 22'18''

Viewing this artwork is possible at the LIMA media library in Amsterdam

“c. 1978, Cable Arts Foundation Inc”

In this interview Russel Connor speaks with Steina and Woody about their backgrounds, and explores their progression to working with video. Throughout the interview discussion about process and technique is interspersed with image fragments of Woody and Steina’s own work. Featured works include: "Evolution" (1970), "Pegboard" (1971), "Spaces 1" (1972), "Spaces 2" (1972), "Noisefields" (1974), "Home" (1973), "Vocabulary" (1973), "C-Trend" (1974), "Violin Power" (1976), "Cup and Sphere" (1978) and "Digital Camera" (1978).

  • Date: 1978
  • Length: 22'18''
  • Type: Documentation master file
  • Genre: interview (documentation genre)
  • Keywords: perception, video (subject), sound (subject), interaction sound/image, image, technology, deconstruction, information, process, interactivity (subject), installations (subject)
  • Copyrights: All rights reserved (c) LIMA