The LIMA Collection Tour: Activism

In collaboration with de Appel arts centre, LIMA has made an inventory of the archives of 'Artists Talking Back to the Media'. This artist manifestation took place in the eighties, and combined playful interventions with raw critique of mass media and involved the participation of some leading international artists including John Baldessari, Barbara Kruger and General Idea. In the context of their archival research on this project, Camie Karstanje and Brigitte Bélanger curated the third edition of the LIMA Collection about the relationship between art and activism, with 'Artists Talking Back to the Media' as a starting point. 

Due to rapid technological developments, new media are frequently introduced in society. They provide us with new artistic forms of creation and new ways of communication, like video and television in the 1960s, and the Internet in the 1990s. Artists often make good use of these newly introduced media. 

Because of their great influence and strong visual identity, these new communication tools are often also seen as dangerous or threatening. Artists make clever use of the technical and artistic possibilities of the medium, but also comment on this medium and its position within society. New media are valuable tools. How can artists use them well, without losing their critical edge? 

In this tour, the activist use of (new) media takes a central point. Key works from 'Artists Talking Back to the Media' will be shown in dialogue with a new generation of artists engaging with a transformed media landscape. 


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