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About distribution

Our media art collection is an ever expanding chronicle filled with new media, video art, born digital art and varied installations. New works inform the collection with new lines of thought, relationships and perspectives. With the catalogue as its platform and an international network within which to display the collection, LIMA unites artists with museums and festivals worldwide. In doing so, we continuously ensure the accessibility and integrity of both the newer and the relatively obscure new media art works.

On this page you will find all of the works that make up our collection. Everything you find here is available for presentation. Want to know more about displaying these works? Visit the Fees and Rental Conditions section.

Submitting work for distribution

LIMA focuses on selecting work for the collection but also maintains an open submissions policy. Artists are welcome to propose their work for distribution. LIMA actively promotes the presentation of videos and installations among professionals, institutions and cultural relations. A preview of your work may be submitted at any time.


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Please include additional information such as a resume and a brief synopsis.

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