LI-MA celebrates her 10th anniversary

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This year LI-MA celebrates her 10th anniversary. Founded by a small specialised and passionate team, LI-MA has grown into an influential platform, centre of expertise with a wide network over the course of the past 10 years. All of LI-MA’s activities are aimed at sustainable access to media art and promoting a critical understanding of media art and technology within new technological and social contexts as well as realities. LI-MA is the digital depot for media art in the Netherlands for both institutions and artists. On an international level, LI-MA is a pioneer and centre of expertise in the field of conservation, research and distribution of media art.

A milestone certainly worth commemorating, we are excited to announce that throughout this year, LI-MA celebrates with a 10 Year Anniversary Programme including screening events, Transformation Digital Art 2023 symposium, workshops, the launch of a brand new visual identity and much more. 

We would like to thank all our collaborators including the emerging as well as established artists, curators, programmers, institutions, our partners and other players in the field of media art.

First Announcement of LI-MA’s 10 Year Anniversary Programme in 2023

Media art on Wikipedia

In January 2023, we will launch the public Media Art Blog! Linked to the professional Media Art catalogue, The Media Art Blog is part of the project Media art on Wikipedia, which aspires to shed brighter light on media artists, their works and their lives to make them more visible and accessible.

Mateo Vega, Center, Ring, Mall, 2023


Four brand new works from the LI-MA collection will premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam which takes place between 25 January to 5 February, 2023. We are delighted that From Voice To Pulse, 2022, by Zeno van den Broek will be a contender in the prestigious Ammodo Tiger competition. In addition, there are world premieres of the timely Arrullo, 2022, by Amauta Garcia & David Camargo, Mateo Vega’s different take on data centres in Center, Ring, Mall, 2023, and Seonghu Cho’s already classic Zabriskie Point, 2022. 

LI-MA Presents: New Work

LI-MA Presents: New Work takes place on Wednesday, 15 February, 2023 at LAB111 showcasing works by, amongst others, emerging artists Mateo Vega, Marijn Ottenhof, Michiel van Bakel, Eoghan Ryan and Amauta Garcia & David Camargo, followed by a discussion of the works with the artists. This event will include a book launch of: A new era for the distribution of media art.

Transformation Digital Art 2023 symposium
16 & 17 March, 2023, 

The international renown symposium Transformation Digital Art 2023 aims to show and discuss existing and new strategies for the documentation, transmission, and preservation of digital art for and by artists, curators and conservators. Tickets are available via EventBrite

Marijn Ottenhof, The Governed Subject, 2022.