LI-MA Presents: Blockchain art, an update

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LI-MA Presents: Blockchain art, an update
Wednesday, 18 October, 2023 at LAB111, Amsterdam (LAB1)
Programme: 20:00
Price: €7.50 // students €5 // free with Cineville
Tickets available here

LI-MA teams up with curator Jan Robert Leegte and guest speaker Misha de Ridder to present a programme on Wednesday 18 October that explores a new phase of blockchain art.

After NFTs were introduced in 2014, there was a huge uptick in cultural production within the blockchain community. Since this hype cycle reached full velocity in the summer of 2021, mainstream interest has cooled off considerably – but blockchain art never went away. Rather, a new field is emerging from the ashes, with a new community of art lovers taking root. Engaging with that contemporary wave, LI-MA Presents delivers an evening of talks, inspiring works, communities, net art and photography to explore the current state of blockchain art – and how it connects to a wider legacy of media (art) in LI-MA's collection and beyond.

Featuring works by Misha de Ridder, Maya Man, John Provencher, Mitchell F Chan, Mathcastle, Deafbeef, Rhea Myers and Rafael Rozendaal.

Jan Robert Leegte is an artist working in and with the internet since his pioneering work in the 1990s. Later he began focusing on bridging the online art world with the gallery art world, and his art explores the position of the new materials put forward by the (networked) computer.

Misha de Ridder is a visual artist making conceptual photo and video work concerned with perception. He came into web3 as a cypherpunk early 2020 and is widely known in the space for his minimalist aesthetics and techno-centric practice, as well as for his participation in the communities JPG and Purple Dao.

Please note: the programme begins at 20:00 sharp. Latecomers will not be admitted.

John Provencher Circles (2023)

Featured image by Misha de Ridder Generative by Nature (2022)