LI-MA at Transitions Festival

09/03/2023 to 14/03/2023
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LI-MA at Transitions Festival
13 & 14 March, 2023
10.00 - 18.00, Lumiere Maastricht
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Tickets are on sale on the website of Lumiere, Maastricht.

LI-MA teams up with Transitions, an event taking place during the annual TEFAF art fair in the city of Maastricht. During the screening event, which takes place on Monday, 13 March and on Tuesday, 14 March, we will showcase eight recent works from the LI-MA collection including Eoghan Ryan’s Dogerell, 2022, Marijn Ottenhof’s The Governed Subject, 2022, Mateo Vega’s Center, Ring, Mall, 2023 Amauta Garcia & David Camargo’s Arrullo, 2022, PHILTH HAUSSYLLA:ISDIY, 2022, Arno Coenen & Rodger Werkhoven’s Let's Be Friends, 2022 and Judith Westerveld’s Message from Mukalap, 2021.

Transitions Film Days also includes Yvonne Oerlemans' Administration, Asta Olafsdottir's 5 Parables From Life, Ian Nichols & Piet Dirkx' It Is Recording A Pyramid In The Sky and Mariano Maturana's Paisaje, curated by the Jan Van Eyck Programming.

Mateo Vega, Center Ring, Mall, 2023

Next to the screening events, an exhibition will be open with two works from the LI-MA collection: Donna Verheijden's All The World's A Stage - Ways of Seeing, 2013, Valentina Gal's Best of Breeding, 2017 and Jeroen Offerman's The Stairway at St.Paul’s, 2022. The exhibition will be open to viewers from Thursday, 9 March until Tuesday, 14 March, 2023 as installations in the city of Maastricht.

LI-MA has been invited to the occasion by Videopower, an independent audio visual platform based in Maastricht. 

Valentina Gal, Best of Breeding, 2017

Transitions is a celebration of adventurous filmmaking in its many shapes and sounds and brings together boundary-defying audiovisual makers and those who appreciate and support them. Matching distinct spaces to play/powerful works, Transitions offers encounters that invite heart and mind. 

Transitions has a multi-voiced curatorial approach, featuring walking routes and a thorough inclusion of knowledge and experience present in the Euregion. This year Transitions connects with Jester, Bonnefanten Museum, Cinema Lumière, Jan van Eyck Academy, LI-MA and Viewmaster Projects among its partners. The series of events is supported by the City of Maastricht, Mondriaan Fund and Pictoright Fund.