LIMA at Jungle Amsterdam: Variscoop #3

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In collaboration with John Prop (stichting Polderlicht) LIMA presents Variscoop #3; the second third of the tree Variscoop evenings filled with video- and sound art from artists working and/or living in The Netherlands. Minimal animation, digital image manipulations, color experiments, soundscapes and artistic documentaries, the works that are presented this evening show great variation and diversity.

At Variscoop #3 the following works are presented:
Gerco de Ruijter & Michel Banabila: Grid Corrections (2016)
Broersen & Lukacs: Mastering Bambi (2012) & Establishing Eden (2016)
Jan-Bas Bollen: LAAG (live soundscape)
Melanie Bonajo: Progress vs Regress (2016)

Organisation and presentation by Theus Zwakhals (LIMA) and John Prop (Polderlicht)

Variscoop #3
Wednesday 23 May
Theater de Jungle
Tweede van Swindenstraat 26
Starts at 8pm
Free entrance!

For more information visit:

Made possible by the support from Stadsdeel Oost Amsterdam