LIMA Online: Critical Coding

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LIMA Online: Critical Coding

Wednesday 10 June, 20h00 CET, online.

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We increasingly feel the need to make the internet fit better to our human needs and experiences, when in fact it seems to drift away from those. In this episode of LIMA Online we explore how we might reverse this process by way of feminist and queer art practices.

The internet and the computer depend on language as the most basic, hidden interface between humans and machines. By intervening at the level of code we can describe and create alternative digital environments. Code often is an expressive mixture of mathematical programming languages and pre- and postdigital cultural codes, which can bring either reactionary or progressive societal forces to the fore. Cultural bias and political directionality are embedded in it. The same holds true for how we describe and approach the tools and cultures of the digital age 'above ground' in our cultural discourse. Also here language highly influences our experience and behavior.

Winnie Soon, artist-researcher teaching at Aarhus University in Denmark, and Nancy Mauro-Flude, performance artist represented by Bett Gallery, and researcher at RMIT University Australia, discuss their work in this context with art critic and theorist Josephine Bosma.

Image from Winnie Soon's Vocable Code (13082018), 2017