LIMA at Transmediale/festival

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During Transmediale festival 2018, LIMA invites artists and professionals to discuss the development of a digital art canon. The goal is to bring the rich history of such art to the fore in an increasingly digitally minded contemporary art context, and to open it to the public.

Although the project focuses on art made in the Netherlands, the issues it raises are universal. Many practitioners in the field have to deal with the problematic historification of digital art. Join LIMA to think along at the event, or add to the project as long-term advisors and collaborators. During the meeting LIMA will present the project, its needs and obstacles, and discuss it further with the participants.

A LIMA project in cooperation with Jan Robert Leegte, Josephine Bosma, Annet Dekker, Sandra Fauconnier, Martijn van Boven, Sanneke Huisman, and Gaby Wijers.

Thursday, 01.02.2018
19:00–21:00, K2