MOKER/P_Oi: This is our public: a symposium on reporting on audiences in an alternative manner.

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As a partner of MOKER / P_Oi, the platform for presentation and development institutions in Amsterdam, LIMA looks forward to attending and is inviting you to the symposium “This is our public: a symposium on reporting on audiences in an alternative manner.”

When mapping audience reach, there is currently a disproportionate emphasis on keeping track of exhibition visitors. The public of presentation and development institutions, however, undertakes many more activities than just visiting exhibitions: they participate in workshops, create their own art or an exhibition, listen to podcasts, borrow a work of art, join the conversation during a knowledge session, etc. This means that the public is for the most part, not always only a visitor, but also a maker, a user, a listener, a reader, a constituent or a student. Should we not also classify that under public reach?

Wednesday, 14 December
14.00 - 17.00 at Framer Framed, Amsterdam
Entrance is free, however, please register online by clicking here

MOKER / P_Oi aims to look for a better method of reporting on public outreach, which would do justice to the reality and size of the type of organizations in our society and that actually indicate what that outreach means as well as produces. 

Over the course of the symposium, the website will be presented. The discussion will revolve around bottlenecks and practical applicability.