New Commissioned Work in Distribution: Forming Folds

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LIMA commissioned composer and multidisciplinary artist Zeno van den Broek to develop a new media art installation combining text, sound, moving image and AI. How do ubiquitous screens affect our spatial perception?

Forming Folds is an audiovisual installation focused on researching and expressing the relation between the digital and our spatial perception: the digital layer of visible and invisible mechanisms strongly influences our daily perception of time and space. As a result, the digital allows us to expand our perception and knowledge far beyond the human, towards a new form of posthuman sensibility in which space and time collapse.

Zeno van den Broek is a Dutch composer and artist whose works investigate and unsettle the relationships between people and fabricated surroundings. He utilises audiovisual means to create site- and concept-specific works which interrogate conventional conceptions of our experience of space. These works create visceral experiences that force new perspectives on the spaces they occupy or represent, whether these spaces are physical or digital.

Van den Broek aims to create moments of disruption, friction and possibility that activate our sense of agency and jolt us out of our habitual consumption of space towards exploration and direct experience. These moments of agency allow visitors to become active participants of van den Broek’s work and, in important ways, complete it.

Forming Folds is available for world premiere in the autumn of 2022. More details and technical specifications are available upon request by sending a mail to Ruth Timmermans.

Forming Folds is co-produced by LIMA. Supported by Mondriaan Fund.

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